Thousands of years of evolution, man came running to the office chair and did his body great injustice; he put it out of motion right into the captivity of devices surrounding it. After 8 hours of sleeping you transition, everyday, to an 8 hour sitting phase. As time goes by, the following problems arise as a result of a long-term sitting:

  • Chronic pain in the back, neck and shoulders
  • Reduced circulation and concentration
  • Poor posture and obesity
  • Cardiovascular problems

A healthy work environment

Long-term sitting increases the risk of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, increases the blood sugar level and slows down circulation. Having that in mind, it is highly recommended that after a certain period of time one gets up, stretches or goes for a walk if possible. One of the ways to avoid these negative consequences, besides having an active life, is to do a part of your work standing up. If your business activities are related to your desk job, a partial solution is to use desks with adjustable heights to change the posture of the body.


Ergonomics of a working place

Now, when most people are getting office jobs, more attention is drawn to the ergonomics of a working place. The aim of every company should be to increase productivity of their workers as well as to provide healthy and pleasant working conditions. The purchase of ergonomically designed office furniture for that purpose, certainly contributes to this aim. Modern trends adapt the working environment to the needs of a healthy body and in that way prevent the long-term sitting problems from occurring. ADVENTAGES:

  • Less problems related to long-term sitting
  • Increased concentration and productivity
  • Increased satisfactions with the workplace conditions
  • Dynamic work environment

An ergonomic working environment provides better and
healthier work and higher productivity.